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Rob Pankratz MD   Counselling-Therapy

"TEAM" Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

From Family Doc to Therapist. I want to share what gave me victory over anxiety, depression, and more.

Meet online or in person on a peaceful farm setting in Pemberton, BC





Dr David Burns, "” developed this advanced form of "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" he calls TEAM CBT

Gain control of YOUR negative thoughts and moods with powerful tools to live in freedom!

My Practice

I am now certified in TEAM CBT and no longer practice family medicine.

Support, empathy and education is not all we will do. For rapid recovery, you will be given specific work to do between sessions.

See if TEAM is right for you - To learn more or set up a free consultation email me!


  •  Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Unwanted Habits


I also provide support and perspective for difficult circumstances.


Finding peace and happiness in the truth


Like family doctors, therapists uphold ethical principles such as confidentiality, informed consent, respect for autonomy, boundaries, and avoiding dual relationships to maintain a safe and therapeutic relationship with their patients.


Current Private Fees (occ. negotiable)

$125 for a 50 minute session

$175 for 100 minutes  (most effective)

"TEAM" = Testing, Empathy, Assessment, Methods

T - Simple tests to measure progress 

E - Feel safe, understood and accepted

A - Discover wonderful good things about YOU

M - Use powerful Methods to break free from upset!





See how TEAM harnesses the surprising positive side of our distress to energize us for transformation

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"